Special Projects
Supports the planning, design, construction, management and implementation of programs for a homeless shelter in Bemidji, MN.
Support for firearms training, marksmanship programs and public shooting range development in the Greater Bemidji Area.
Help support this project to develop a playground that will provide healthy recreational opportunities for children with and without disabilities.
Make your mark! Strengthen culture and community with a gift to Watermark Art Center’s new building campaign!
Thank you all so much for giving a computer tower to the Villa St. Vincent/Summit residents...UMC students have helped our residents grow in the knowledge of working with computers, connecting with family and friends.
Villa/Summit Residents
Latest News
  The Northwest Minnesota Foundation aims to support community and economic development planning initiatives through its community planning grant program.  Over the last year, the foundation has issued $186,385 in discretionary grants for community planning efforts.   ...
06/26/2015 to n/a
The children of Larry Diffley established an endowed scholarship fund at Northwest Minnesota Foundation in 2014 to help aspiring pilots in the local area. Applications are now being accepted.   The scholarship was established to honor Larry Diffley’s passion for quality aviation...
05/13/2015 to n/a
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