The grant process begins with the pre-proposal.  Full applications and other materials will not be considered until a pre-proposal is submitted and approved.  Information here will help applicants along the grant process.

Grant pre-proposals are only accepted through the Children and Families Program and the Communities Thrive Program unless otherwise instructed.

Pre-Proposal Form

To ensure accuracy, applicants should draft responses in a word processing document. Once final edits are completed, please copy and paste responses into the spaces provided within the online form.


Once the grant pre-proposal online form is completed the formal grant application process begins.  Read the Grant Guidelines prior to completing the pre-proposal.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact NMF grant staff prior to submission.

Online Pre-proposal Form

NMF Grant Contacts: For questions about NMF grant programs or help completing the online forms, please contact us.

Nate Dorr, Senior Program Officer