Northwest Minnesota Foundation’s Circle of Giving members are individuals and businesses that care deeply about Northwest Minnesota and want to support the continued well-being of the region – helping to sustain the place we call home.

As a donor, your gift helps accomplish much in the development and impact of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. Circle of Giving members support all areas of our work – helping people start and grow new businesses, providing youth with leadership training, and addressing long-standing social challenges.

Members of our Circle of Giving make an annual contribution of $500 or more to the NMF Endowment. The gift may be made outright in cash or in stock. It can also be done in one payment or in installments.

As valued partners, Circle of Giving members are recognized in our publications and at our events. We strive to keep you informed through our website, newsletters and annual report about the progress your gifts are helping us to realize in the region.

Donate here to make your annual gift to become a CIRCLE OF GIVING member today!

Current Circle of Giving Members


Connie and John Aguillo

Tom and Corrine Anderson

Steven Anderson

Faye V. Auchenpaugh

Border Bancshares, Inc.

Barbara Muesing and Dr. Charles H. Casey

Citizens State Bank of Roseau

Compass Capital Management, Inc.

Catherine Marchand and Lew Crenshaw

Ann Daley

Jennifer Dunham

Kristin Eggerling

Harold (Sam) and Jane Evans

Cathy  and Jerry Forgit

Dawn Ganje

Marjorie F. Green

Pete and Sandy Haddeland

Robert and Inez Hager

Carter and Florence Hedeen

Samantha Hedin

Mark Hewitt

Jody Horntvedt

Merril Thiel and Ruth Howe

Initiative Foundation

IRD Glass

Brad and Ashley Johnson

Sam Johnson

Phil Knutson

Jay and Gayle LaBine

Diane Morey

Northwoods Bank of Minnesota

John and Eloise Ostrem

Robert H. and Tiffany B. Paine

Paul Bunyan Communications

Lisa and John Peterson

Leah Pigatti

Jon and Patricia Quistgaard

Glenn and Edie A. Ramstad

Dawn Richardson

Security Bank USA

Marty Sieve and Colleen Shannon

Charles Swanson Estate

Willis and Martha Tacker

Caryl Turnow

Rick and Nancy Vyskocil

Mary and Tim Wang

Robert J. and Jeanette L. Welle