Position Title: Development Officer

Reports To: Senior Development Officer

Deadline to apply is July 17, 2019



The Development Officer will have responsibility for fundraising activities for NMF and its constituents. The Development Officer will provide expertise in strengthening relationships with donors and communities. The Development Officer will ensure strong relationships between NMF staff, Board, NMF Fund Advisory Committees and donors.


Kind of Work

Independent and responsible for carrying out a variety of NMF activities with emphasis on fundraising and fund management. Must exercise independent judgement and action, application of communication, public relations and analytical skills. Work includes managing multiple tasks, motivating and supporting volunteers and applying fund development principles for NMF and its community and component funds


Principal Responsibilities

NMF Endowment and Fund Development                                                                 

  • Identify prospects and cultivate donors to raise funds solely for NMF endowment.
  • Continue post-gift relationship by updating donor about NMF activities on a monthly basis.
  • Help build a greater regional awareness of NMF’s role in promotion of philanthropy and match donor goals with philanthropic opportunities in the northwest region.
  • Advise component, community and donor-advised funds by assisting them with charitable giving opportunities and identification, cultivation and solicitation of new and existing donors.
  • Help build a greater regional awareness of NMF’s role in the promotion of philanthropy.
  • Serve as a resource to individuals, communities, and organizations on charitable giving opportunities and be responsible for networking with donor groups.


NMF Scholarship Fund Management

  • Coordinate and Manage the NMF scholarship program in partnership with scholarship fund advisors
  • Advise and assist scholarship fund with charitable giving opportunities
  • Continue post-gift relationship with scholarship donor, when possible, by updating the donor of NMF activities
  • Develop and maintain a working knowledge of the online scholarship management system.
  • Develop and Coordinate with the Communications Specialist a strategy for scholarship donor recognition and promotion.


NMF Philanthropic Services Event Planning and Coordination

  • Coordinate and manage the NMF donor recognition events and any endowment fundraising events planned.
  • Build a regional awareness for donor recognition and the importance of stewardship.


Training and Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred or equivalent combination of experience and education with at least two to three years’ experience in fund raising.
  • Experience in communications and strong written communications skills.
  • Experience in rural communities.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Desired

  • Knowledge of northwest Minnesota issues and communities
  • Working knowledge and skills in computer operations
  • Ability to record and share detailed and accurate notes.
  • Database management and records maintenance skills.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with individuals, organizations, and communities
  • Ability to function both individual and in a team relationship
  • Capable of exercising independent judgment and action, managing multiple tasks, and motivating and supporting volunteers (individually and as groups)
  • Capable of analyzing complex and competitive environments in order to conceive, develop and implement strategies related to development principles: fund raising, marketing and public relations
  • Must have means and ability to travel throughout the region and around the state. Must be able to travel nationally on occasional basis


To Apply

Send a resume and cover letter to Ashley by July 17, 2019.


Download a copy of the job description here.