Kelliher Doing Well

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The community of Kelliher is collaborating to improve quality of life for its citizens! And they are being recognized for their efforts. The Kelliher School and Kelliher Health and Resource Center (KHRC) have been honored with a Local Government Innovation Award (LGIA.)
After the community supported a new school building, the district faced a decision regarding the fate of the old school facility. A committee was established to determine ways to repurpose the old building.
After much planning, local leaders collaborated to preserve the infrastructure and develop a center that houses health care and preventive care, mental and physical therapies while providing health and information related services. Grants were written to renovate the building and a health endowment fund was established through the Northwest Minnesota Foundation to support the healthcare facility.
New collaboration has been developed between the school, community and churches. A USDA grant assisted with energy savings renovations and created a community library. Other county grants have resulted in the development of a physical therapy office, a chiropractor, and fitness center. In addition, the former school gym is used for wedding receptions, dinner theater productions, and walking groups.
The KHRC holds fall and spring health fairs for residents, which educates them about health care issues and health services. In addition, the fairs raise funds that increase the endowment.
The award was given to Kelliher School and the KHRC because of their innovation and collaboration between district, city, county governments, and faith based organizations.