Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund: ‘Give them some help’

KAXE’s Katie Carter recently interviewed Margaret Krueger, an NMF Homelessness program officer, and landlord Kyle Baril about our Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund. This was a fantastic feature that did a great job of highlighting the goals and benefits of this program.

The Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund is designed to assist homeless youth under 25 who could be successfully housed by collaborating with housing service providers but are unable to find a landlord who is willing to rent to them due to their age and/or history.

The tenant agrees to additional education and oversite by the housing service provider in order to participate, and the landlord agrees to work with the tenant and housing service provider. In exchange, landlords are eligible to receive financial support in the event of property damage and/or lost rental income.

Listen to the full interview HERE.