Spring Flooding – NMF Response

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Northwest Minnesota Foundation is part of the effort to help offset spring flooding by raising funds to help stricken communities.
Fargo-Moorhead has a 50% chance to meet 2009 record flood levels.  There is a strange calm right now as so much work has been done in advance since January.  The cities are currently prepared to meet the 2009 flood levels, but there is a 30% chance that the flood could exceed that level (43 to 45 feet high).   There is really no way to prepare for that and it could be potentially devastating.  Right now, the area is experiencing typical weather, freezing at night which allows the water to move north.  The cooler temperatures at night are slowing the process down, but if there is a tremendous warm up, then it’s harder to predict what might happen.
Northwest Minnesota- Grand Forks is in flood stage and the flood walls are up.

The Northwest Minnesota Foundation, with four counties bordering the Red River, is poised to help with a flood disaster, as it has each year that rising waters have threatened or overwhelmed communities along our rivers. People living in towns affected by flood waters are organized and prepared for flood fight, but also look to their neighbors for a helping hand during and after the flood. In past floods,

The flood is featured on the GiveMN website.  Several organizations have created a page on the site and organizations can still create pages.  GiveMN is covering the transaction fees on all donations made to the flood (and to donations made to Japan relief).
GiveMN donation page – donations will go toward flood recovery efforts in our region.
NMF has been able to respond quickly with funding for family emergency assistance needs and community recovery planning, and will be there to help again, should the need arise.
Would you please consider a gift today?